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Marc Jacobs is unfocused, seen in too many price-points, retailers, as well as inconsistent qualities of products.  It is similar to other big labels is struggling in today’s retail climate where we see a rise in online retailers as well as a decline in big department stores.

The opportunity is in attracting new urban dwellers who are starting to dominate the city.


Location: 811 Traction Ave.,

Los Angeles, CA

The New Marc Jacobs 

City Shop 

Today's Retail Climate Includes A Fall Of Big Department Stores + Rise In Online Marketplaces As Well As Discount Retailers
BENCHMARC Focuses On The Marc Jacobs Brand + Ensures Longevity In Today's Retail Climate 
The City Shop Offers City Focused Goods Ranging From Commuter Performance Pants To City Proper Attire.
The Space Evolves To Become More Than A Shop + Becomes An Active Neighborhood Site
The Process Book
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