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DESIGN STRATEGY // Marketing - Product Design - Creative Direction

This is Boeing’s latest and greatest airplane set to release in 2018 and this design defined features that would be marketable for airline personalization potential. More specifically featuring new design elements within the interior cabin that are vital for airlines and captivating for passengers. 


Support: Teague + Boeing

Ultimate Goal: Inspire the "Future" of Flight 

Constraint: Maintain + 

Define Boeing Architecture

Considered + Forecasted

Markets: Middle East + Asia

The 777X BOEING's  

Latest + Greatest 777X 

Innovation Through Fabrication,
Features + Utilizing Today's Best As 
The Airplane's Baseline.

Better is a subjective and constantly evolving idea. So addressing this notion the inspiration for the project focused on a communal knowledge of knowing everyone first starts on the ground. The space one prizes and knows was best understood by looking at places of relaxation, sacred spaces, and familiar places people feel safe in. 


Which ultimately became the visual starting point for customizable surfaces for airlines. 

Boeing Architecture + Airline Branding + Passenger Comfort = BETTER
Trigger Happy, Safe + Premium

Take people to their happy place. Their relaxing hotel memory, a touch warmth, a sense of familiar,a experience of effortless luxury, even a touch of magic. Easily shared and shown through features expressing cross cultural notions. Plus Every airline represents a country, so utilizing native woods fabrics and textures becomes an introduction to the airline brand and destination.

Cross-Cultural Signifiers   Like Wood, Fabric, Familiar   Lighting + Forms 

The Design Focus: Main Features Offered
The Cabin Interior

Introducing soft-touch surfaces that are high performing ready for high traffic, integrated lighting sequences that suggest activities on the plane, and visual illusions that break up tunnel vision.

Note there is a designated wood surface, fabric inspired textured surfaces, and pallet of warmer tones.

Important activities include boarding, landing, sleep, cruise, and eating.  

Window Filters + Pockets

The use of filters creates a sense of depth their outside light, at their control which subconsciously suggests more than a standard window and window cover; ideal for reducing claustrophobia. Easy to access pockets within view provide an easy range of motion to personal items without having to depend on the seat pocket directly in front of each seat.

Contoured Edge Lit Bins + Foot Cozies 

The new bin was designed to elevate the premium soft touch feel and to create more ambient light within the cabin.


Just like the comforts of home, this foot cozy provides passengers a chance to warm their feet, have a surface to move their feet on and most importantly let passengers protect their feet. It’s ideal protection against passengers walking over you during a long flight. Lastly, the inlaid light feature in the center aisle provides an easy way finding element that can guide passengers where to go and can sync to the ambient light qualities experienced throughout the plane ride.

Center Monument 

Specifically designed for the "idea of technology" than to design for the actual piece of technology. A crucial and beneficial asset to ensure all planes can visually look similar regardless of when the plane was made. 

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